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We are Potion, and we'd like to share our love for gaming with everyone through our little gaming site. Our hope is that Potion can be a source of impressions and thoughts about games from the everyday gamer like you and me.

Gaming is a wonderful hobby (and for some, a profession) that we feel can connect people from different walks of life for brief moments of respite from our hectic and often stressful world. We want to make gaming and gaming news accessible to everyone!


As a child, Wai wanted to be many things - a policeman, an actor, an astronaut, an adventurer, a tomb raider, a swordsman. So he sat down at his desk and started playing video games.


Rai got into games by judging a game by its poster. The game turned out to be Final Fantasy VIII (best RPG ever.), and she's not looked back since.

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