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Guess Who's Back - Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

After a long hiatus on Final Fantasy XIV, we're finally back in the game. With all the hype around the new Shadowbringers, we could not help but bring ourselves out of the shadow and into the game.

Ok. Cheesy. Moving on.

After spending our time on games like Spider-Man, Sekiro and Stardew Valley, being back in an MMORPG setting was quite refreshing and felt familiar. Almost.

I'll admit, in the first Duty Roulette that I was assigned to, I led the party so quickly to their deaths that one of them had to ask, "Did you forget how to be a Tank?".

Yes, yes I did.

I thoroughly enjoyed being a Paladin (read: Why Tanking May Just Be The Role For You), but gone were the days of using Flash, or Sword Oath and Shield Oath. I had no idea how to hold the enemies' enmity, I forgot most of the maps' gimmicks so I didn't know where to lead the enemies, and my fingers were still trying to get used to tapping the 123 and alt-123 keys.

But no worry, it all came back to me pretty quickly, and I was tanking much better in the next dungeon.

Previously, I said I would try my hand at other roles. But after rebooting the game and exploring the new skills that the Paladin has to offer, I think I may stick with this for a little while longer.

Other than skill changes, another change that struck us was the queue to enter the servers. Queues! For FF! But this is really a minor point - the queues are never too long so it doesn't affect us much. What it does tell us, is the success of the game so far, which is overall a positive.

What didn't change (much) was our Free Company. We were quickly added back in after dropping them a message. It does seem that a lot of the people we used to play with are either inactive, or they changed their names (I think it's the latter). Regardless, the FC feels pretty much the same - people are friendly, the FC house is still in the same lot and looks similar despite some new features (basement!).

Another positive constant so far is that the community in FFXIV still has the friendly and helpful vibe that I know and love. It is my hope that even with this surge in popularity and with the new and returning players, this would stay the same.



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