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We don't deserve the beauty of Horizon Forbidden West (nor the Regalla Edition)

Initially rumoured to be a PS5 launch title, clarified as a 2021 title, and then delayed to 2022, Horizon Forbidden West finally launched on last Friday, the 18th of February.

Whether you are sitting this one out, still on the fence, or waiting for a discount (I mean, most of us have a large backlog anyway), we are here with some pictures and videos to whet your appetite.

Scroll on for more pictures from the game's excellent photo mode, as well as high quality pictures of the contents in the Regalla Edition special box set!


90% Photomode, 10% Gameplay

We've been playing the game on the Playstation 5 over the weekend both on and off streams - though "playing" is perhaps a little bit of a loose description, considering how much time we've spent in Photo Mode.

So far, the gameplay feels even better than its predecessor, and we're glad to note that the combat rushes out of the gates feeling really strong. It's always good to jump into a sequel not feeling like the protagonist got a huge 'nerf' in-between games, even when some games try to justify it through some kind of in-game logic.


Regalla and Collector's Edition Unboxing

It's no secret that the previous title in the series, Horizon Zero Dawn, is one of our all-time favourite Action RPGs. While we have not had the time to make a dent in the main storyline, we've already had a blast unboxing the Regalla Edition and Collector's Editions of the game.


Battle of the Tremortusks: Collector's Edition vs Regalla Edition

One of the key differences between the two editions is in the Tremortusk statue that comes with it. While the Collector's Edition Tremortusk (which is an absolute beauty) sports a tidier colour scheme consisting of gunmetal grey, off-white and orange, the Regalla Tremortusk is heavily accented with splashes of green and red.

We've heard and seen differing viewpoints on which is the more aesthetically pleasing version, and we leave you with some photos to make the choice for yourselves. Let us know which you think would sit better on a shelf!

The Regalla Tremortusk also comes with battery-operated lights that can switch between blue, orange, and red where the eyes would be.


Artbook and Steelbook

Present in both the Collector's and Regalla editions are a physical, you-can-hold-it-in-your-hands hardcover artbook, as well as a Steelbook case... but no actual disc to store (the game comes in a digital-only code instead).

It's kind of sad to have no physical disc to store in a steelbook, but that's a topic for another day. Now on to things that are exclusive only to the Regalla Edition...


Machine Strike Pieces and Replica Focus

If you don't know what Machine Strike is yet, don't worry - you'll be acquainted to it soon enough. Essentially, it's a mini-game that you can play while not beating up actual machines. Think Gwent, but for Horizon Forbidden West.

The replica focus comes with a stand made just for it, and it even lights up too, when you press it in a particular way. Unfortunately, it does not give you additional abilities or powers.


Art Cards

The boxset also shipped with two stunning black-and-white art cards that you can technically use as post-cards if you wish, but we think you'd be crazy to put these in the mail. Just look at them...

Something about the way these cards contrast with the overall vibrancy of Horizon Forbidden West just gets me.


Canvas Map

Last, but not least, there's also the full canvas map that you could use as an accompaniment for the game, or frame up somewhere.

There are also a bunch of digital add-ons that came with the set, such as armour and weapons, though our opinion on such content is typically that they're nice to have, but not necessarily additive to the overall value of the box set.


Final Thoughts

After all is said and done, we really enjoyed the unboxing process for Horizon Forbidden West, and have already spent hours in the game just soaking it all in. If you would like to watch the highlights of our entire unboxing stream, you can do so here:

You can also skip to 8:19 of the unboxing video if you'd prefer to just see some close-ups.

We'll be playing loads more of this month's hot releases, Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, and Sifu in the coming months, so do drop by our Twitch stream if you'd like to hang out!

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