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Why Tanking May Just Be The Role For You

I admit, FF XIV is the first MMO that I've ever played. When I was given the choice of which class to play, my decision was led by the least informed and most superficial reason - I wanted to wield a sword because I felt hacking and slashing would be most fun/cool. I didn't even have an inkling that I just signed up to be a tank.

I didn't even know what a tank was. (Fish tank? Army tank? Whut?)

But after immersing myself in the world of Eorzea in the past few months, I realized that being a tank may just be the job for me. Here's why:

1) Lead The Pack (the wrong way sometimes)

As a tank you're expected to lead the way in dungeons so that enemies spot you first, and you get first dibs on getting hit and gaining their enmity. As a newbie, this could be intimidating because you may not know the best/most efficient route in the dungeon. Sometimes, I put off going into new dungeons just for this reason - I play to relax, not for more stress!

But what I have come to realize is that clearing a dungeon is a team effort and FF XIV has a very supportive community. Most times, a more experienced player would realize that you don't know the way, and would lead the party, only to pull back at spots they know enemies would appear. And that's where you do your job and tank.

2) Challenge Accepted

Being a tank can be tough. You have to make sure that you keep enmity, and depending on the dungeon and objectives, you may be required to pull the enemy to key points on the map. There have been times where my lack of understanding of a dungeon's gimmick (may or may not) have led to the party being wiped. But it's a learning experience, and that's what keeps things interesting

3) Find a Party Almost Immediately

Tanks aren't usually the most popular role in MMOs so if you're looking for a party to do a run in a dungeon, you're likely to find one really quickly. Want the dungeon to commence almost immediately? Find a healer and pair up first!

4) Get All Enemies Angry (at you)

Simply said, it's the only role where you spend time getting enemies angry at you. What other job lets you do that and rewards you for it?

But like I said, I'm new to the world of MMO, so I'll definitely be trying my hand at other roles.

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