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Why you should care about Persona 5

[Image: Atlus]

In just a couple of days, the English version of Persona 5 will be officially released (though we know some of ye sneaky people have already gotten your hands on a copy).

Being one of my most anticipated games of the year, I felt it necessary to share the hype.

What is Persona 5 and why is it a great game?

It combines Role-Playing Game, Social Simulator and Monster Collecting elements so there's something for everyone

Why play Pokemon, the Sims, and Final Fantasy separately when you can do all of these together in ONE GAME?

It features some of the best anime-style art and design

[Image: Persona Central, Official Art Book Cover Art by Famitsu]

It will make you appreciate Tokyo more, and make any future visits to Tokyo even more meaningful (but please be respectful to the residents!)

[Image: はちま]

[Image: はちま]

The musical score is just phenomenal.

Lyn - Last Surprise, Composed by Shoji Meguro [Music copyrighted by Atlus]

Not since One Punch Man have I felt this hyped because of battle music.

To top it all off, Persona games always fulfill your inner need for the feels.

Who needs Korean Dramas, amirite?

Set in a Japanese high school, it is the perfect antidote for your Assassination Classroom and other Slice of Life withdrawals.

No - I didn't forget the last image of the meme.

Persona 5 (English Version) is officially released on the Playstation Store and in shops worldwide on the 4th of April 2017. There will also be a Day One patch adding in the original Japanese voice-overs so you can play the game with English subs and Japanese dubs if you're a purist like me. (YAAAAS JAPANESE VOICES)

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