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Ever seen an exotic car vending machine? Thanks to Gran Turismo 7, I have.

The latest installment of PlayStation's definitive racing-sim series is finally here... and, boy, did Gran Turismo 7 arrive in style.

Photo by: Aloysius Lim

Situated in the civic district of Singapore is a 15-storey building called Ten Square that functions as a "Car Vending Machine". Yes, you heard that right. And, the company who owns it actually has TWO in Singapore.

Thanks to Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore (SIES), Ten Square is now stacked with 15 exotic and classic cars that are featured in the Gran Turismo series, giving car enthusiasts and Gran Turismo fans a chance to catch their favourites on display.

Photo by: Aloysius Lim

Apart from the light-up, we also got the opportunity to try out GT7 on both the DualSense controller as well as a dedicated sim-racing rig, complete with top-of-the-line steering wheels and pedals.

Fans of racing games who are not likely to shell out hundreds of dollars on a medium-high range sim-racing rig would be glad to know that playing on the DualSense comes with its own perks, thanks to its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Photo by: PotionOnline

Though we must confess to being less practiced with racing simulations as compared to building and management simulations, we quickly got around to witnessing how detailed the game was in both visuals and gameplay. We were also blown away by the quick loading times on the PS5 - as we had to, embarrassingly, hit the "restart" button more than a couple of times.

Photo by PotionOnline

And then we HAD to put our bums on those cushy racing-rig seats and subsequently discovered just how much more immersive the experience can be with a dedicated set-up. All in all, the game felt like something we would happily sink a couple of hours into so as to unwind and live out our supercar-owning fantasies.

To drive these fantasies home, the team from SIES even set it up such that the car we drove in the testing booths were based off on this gorgeous Ferrari on display on our way in:

Photo by PotionOnline

Before today, Gran Turismo 7 was already on our radar as a game we would like to own. Now, we just cannot wait to dive right back in to start our racing journey. The game launches 4th March 2022 and is available for the PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 systems.


Catch a glimpse of our experience at the Activation Launch here:



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