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Everything from Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live

Summer started off with a huge bang, and we're here to get you up to speed with everything that was discussed, announced, and teased at Summer Game Fest's Kickoff Live, hosted by Geoff Keighley.


Elden Ring First Gameplay Trailer and Release Date Announcement

Keighley ended the event with a long-awaited first look at Elden Ring's gameplay. The brainchild of FromSoftware's Hidetaka Miyazaki and fantasy novelist George R. R.Martin now has a 21January 2022 release date.


Death Stranding Director's Cut

Hideo Kojima made a surprise appearance in a little interview with Keighley, where they talked about the future of gaming, how it is evolving, and how this has led Kojima to rethink his creative philosophies. And then, there was "one more thing..."

What exactly is a director's cut for a video game? Was the whole box thing a gag poking fun at Kojima's Metal Gear Solid days, or are we going to see tactical espionage gameplay in Death Stranding? We have no idea.


Planet of Lana revealed

Touted as a hand-painted adventure, Planet of Lana is a "cinematic puzzle adventure game framed by an epic sci-fi saga that stretches across centuries and galaxies", and it looks absolutely beautiful.


Metal Slug Tactics Revealed

Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma are back, though this time it's a strategy game more in the vein of Into The Breach or Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. PC players can wishlist the game on Steam. Many of us would be surprsied to know that this isn't actually the Metal Slug franchise's first foray into a "Tactics" style game.


Zombies are Back 4 Blood

Even more zombie action was teased in this brand new trailer, which also featured an enemy that seems almost too big, and too bad, to handle.


Tales of Arise - Characters, Abilities, and Story Revealed

The gameplay trailer for Tales of Arise showcased its main cast, teased their abilities, and gave some insight into the story of this newest addition to the acclaimed Tales of series.


Evil Dead: The Game Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay for Evil Dead: The Game was revealed in a brand-new trailer, and it looked sleek, brutal, and satisfying. The trailer was narrated by Bruce Campbell who is reprising his role as Ash Williams.


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Announcement

Many - and we mean MANY - gamers enjoed Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragonkeep, the wonderfully-fantastical DLC for looter-shooter Borderlands 2. Well, if you didn't have enough, Gearbox and 2K are here to satiate your appetite for more looter-shooter action. Ashly Burch (who voices Tiny Tina) made the reveal, and the game will also star Andy Samberg and Wanda Sykes.


Giancarlo Esposito shares about Far Cry 6 and antagonist Anton Castillo

He was also asked a very tough question which led him to consider the different levels of badassery Moff Gideon, Anton Castillo, and Gus Fring have in order to choose on winner.


New Map Revealed for Escape from Tarkov

One of the least pewpew of all pewpew games (we mean this is a compliment - in that gunfights aren't battles between bullet-sponges) gets a new, HUGE, map premiered. Fans of the hyper-realistic tactical shooter REJOICE!


Jurrassic World Evolutions 2 Announcement by Jeff Goldblum

Frontier Development returns with the sequel to its park-building simulation game which allowed you to build your own Jurrasic Park (and intentionally or unintentionally cause a dinosaur outbreak).


Two Point Campus Announced

Speaking of simualtion games, Two Point Hospital's creators, Two Point Studios, made two excellent points about their upcoming simulation game which will take the player back to school. The first point is that school has to be fun now, and the second is that the game will be released in 2022.


Prime Matter Makes Excellent First Impression

A new publishing label was announced. It was one heck of a first impression as they revealed 12 projects, which included Payday 3 and a new Painkiller game. It's no wonder they were boldy declaring "We Are Prime Matter."


Endlesss Dungeon

The "Rougelite Tactical Action" game reveals some of its tower defence mechanics as well as the cooperative elements it will entail.


Monster Hunter Stories 2 Story Trailer

The Wings of Ruin are here, and how else more hype can one get with a story trailer like this? Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will be releasing 9th July 2021.


Vampire: The Masquerade Blood Hunt is a team-based action game

Adding to the plethora of Battle Royale or Battle Royale-styled games is the newest addition to the Vampire: The Masquerade series.


Among Us Devs Release Awesome Roadmap

The hardworking team at InnerSloth (all 3 of them), released a trailer revealing the roadmap consisting of a new game mode, a new map, and more.


Salt and Sacrifice is a 2D SoulsBorne Co-op Game

Launching on the PS4 and PS5, this successor to Salt and Sanctuary was announced with a 2022 release date.


Skins... and other Miscellaneous Stuff

There was also quite a number of things that really should just be listed instead of elaborated on. Here we go:

We will be covering more events at Summer Game Fest. Join us on Twitch for our official Co-Streams, or here for updates and recaps!



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