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I'm hooked on FIFA 17. Here's why:

RPG and strategy have always been my favourite gaming genres. The reasons are simple - I like the challenge in strategy games, and I love the stories and characterizations in RPGs.

Due to my genre preferences, I was surprised to discover that I actually enjoy playing FIFA 17. I did have a previous spell of obsession with the FIFA series - FIFA 98 (Yes, 98. As in 1998) - but I did not expect myself to like FIFA 17 THIS much.

So why am I off the bench and back in the world of FIFA? Here are 3 reasons:

1) Alex Hunter

I wasn't really interested in trying out FIFA 17, until I found out that there was a role-playing feature in the game. And that was all it took. I spent the next two weeks charting every single step of young Alex Hunter's career.

Sure, the story line is linear, but I felt invested in this up-and-coming football star, and I had to make sure that he reached his full potential. I almost hoped that he was a real person, so that I could cheer him on IRL too.

2) I'm the Boss

When I completed the Alex Hunter story line, I thought that I was done with the game.

I was wrong.

There was the manager career mode.

The story line isn't as immersive - there are no cut scenes or secondary characters - but I had full control of the story of my favourite football club (I won't say which!). I could train my players, buy and sell players, scout for fresh blood, and chart the club's progress to winning the title.

3) It Never Quite Ends

After bringing my football club to glory, I thought that my journey with FIFA 17 was finally ending.

But I was wrong. Again.

The truth is, the career never quite ends - you finish your first year as manager, and you move on to the second.

Suddenly, this game is a lot like Civilizations. Next turn please!



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